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Hello, my name is Arja and I’m a tour guide now for 10 years, the best job I could have picked after graduating from Hamburg university with an MA in history! My greatest passion are the stories in and around Berlin reaching back into the good and the bad old times. With my grandpa and mum being from former Eastern Berlin I feel a strong connection to Berlin even though I grew up in Western Germany. After years of traveling and working as a journalist and tour guide all over Europe there was no doubt for me that I would want to live in Berlin and even after years of living here I am still intruiged by finding out something new about this fascinating city every day – so let me share it with you!


Hello! I am Caroline. I grew up in West Germany and moved to Berlin in 1999. Here I studied history, theatre and education. While I have spent years in Milan and Budapest as well, most of my adult life I have lived here – and in quite different corners of the city. It is the particularity of every ‘Kiez’, Berlin’s neighborhoods, the city’s variety, that I adore. While working on my dissertation in history, I started working as a guide – and loved it. I have become completely fascinated by this beautiful but troubled city and the layers of local, national, often global history that it has accumulated. Let me give you an idea of the complex matrix that history has created and let me introduce you to the vibrant city Berlin is today.


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